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Solar Rooftops

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Solar Panel which are mounted on roofs to generate electricity are known as Solar Rooftops. We at RE Energen provide sustainable solution to your ever increasing electricity needs by installing a solar rooftop on your roof or terrace.

We supply solar rooftop system in three sub categories


Domestic Rooftops


    Domestic Solar rooftops are used for house hold use where electricity consumption is limited. These houses can be made electricity neutral by use of a suitable wattage solar rooftop.

    We offer solar rooftop in range of following kilowatts:-

    1) DYNA 1 kw

    2) DYNA 2 kw

    3) DYNA 3 kw

    4) DYNA 5 kw

    5) DYNA 10 kw


    Commercial Rooftops


      Commercial rooftops are solar energy generation system which fulfils the electricity requirements of the commercial building, godown, fuel stations , Hotel , Hospitals , car parking, schools ,colleges and warehouses. These rooftops are mounted on the terrace and in special cases are mounted on the side walls of high rise building where space is a limiting factor.

      We offer commercial rooftops in following capacities:-

      1) HELENA 5kw

      2) HELENA 10kw

      3) HELENA 15kw

      4) HELENA 25kw

      5) HELENA 50kw

      6) HELENA 100kw


      Industrial Rooftops


        Industrial Rooftops are also same as commercial rooftops but generally are in larger capacity. These rooftops are used in Industries where electricity consumptions are relatively high and ever-growing. We cannot fulfil all the energy requirement of an industrial establishment but we can minimize their electricity expenditure by installing high capacity solar rooftops.

        We offer following high capacity solar rooftops:-

        1) HULK 25 kw

        2) HULK 50 kw

        3) HULK 100 kw

        4) HULK 250 kw

        5) HULK 500 kw