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We are Providing EPC services in Indian PV Solar Industry. We provide all service to undertake a project and work in a client satisfactory and result oriented environment.

We undertake project and execute it with a time bound attitude which also help to control cost for both client and RE Energen.
We design solar farms according to needs of geographical and geological location of solar farm. We are dedicated to procure and construct best quality system and install it accurately for efficient operation and generation. The peripherals used for installation are best in world to minimize power loss and therefore increasing overall efficiency.

We offer full service which includes Project Planning & Conceptualization, Project Implementation & Construction, Project Operation and Maintenance.



  • Ideal modules for all On-Grid and Off-Grid applications
  • Output Power Warranty
  • Aesthetically designed
  • Long life
  • Continuous Performance under extreme conditions
  • Laminate enclosed in non-corroding anodized Aluminium frame
  • Weather proof junction box
  • Protection against moisture
  • Super state construction with toughened glass top surface to withstand wind up to 250 km/hr
  • Available with both, Multi-crystalline / Mono-crystalline solar cells
  • Performance Tested against standard test conditions