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RE Energen is a leading company of LED Down lights. RE Energen LED Down lights are available in wide ranges. below in available features of LED Down Lights.




  • IP 65 whether proof enclosure
  • Aluminum pressure die-casting material
  • Fully temperature conduction design
  • Pure ACP fiber glass material enclosure which give them better strength and attractive shape and design
  • Water proof masking PCB to avoid moisture and corrosion
  • Reverse polarity adjustment and reverse current protection
  • Constant current based LED driver
  • Good heat dissipation in circuit



  • Low power consumption and long and predictable lifetime.
  • Small package size
  • Quick turn on and off
  • RoHS compliance
  • Less attractive to nocturnal insects
  • Easy to design non-glare lighting equipment
  • Higher light output even at low temperatures