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It has reduced unwanted physical fatigue and made the life more enjoyable. Smart phones, Tablets and computers have become common place in home and office. With these gadgets every where RE Energen has brought to you a whole range of Home Automation solutions integrated smoothly through its unique and innovative wireless network system to make your daily chores automated and address them from any where in the planet.

RE Energen is set to change the way you live be it control of lights, fans, water heaters, Air conditioners or any other appliances, handling visitors, shedding the worries of gas leakages or intruders while away from home. Now leaving the home unattended in so no longer a concern making the life more comfortable, secured and enjoyable.

RE Energen wireless solutions do complicated tasks in an intelligent and hassle free manner. Design is so simple any one who has never used a computer can operate the entire system through a smart phone. Yes it is a child’s play. RE Energen automation is a bench mark.

System that interacts with the home

The RE Energen Home Automation range makes it possible to realize a range of complete and versatile products for a small apartment or a single-family home. As of today, to control every home function you just need to press a button or touch a key.

The Easy system

Security, safety, comfort, energy saving, remote control, interfacing with other technologies and scenarios: with the Easy devices, the home becomes smart and each choice gets easier and more environmentally friendly. The technology which meets the italian style.

The Easy Controller

The configuration of the Easy devices is performed by the Easy controller software by means of a PC c and an interface bus access (typically a USB interface). The software allows you to automatically detect all the Easy devices located on the bus, to create functions between commands/sensors and actuators and to operate in Off-Line mode.