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Our Vision

Our aim is simple and it reflects in our name RE ENERGEN. We as an environment friendly company aim to incorporate use of solar energy in every sector and adoption of smart energy saving technology in day to day use.RE Energen aims to minimize the use of non-renewable energy and maximize the use of renewable energy

Who We Are

RE Energen Energy India Pvt. Ltd. is a new company in the renewable energy sector inspired from MOTHER EARTH. RE Energen`s scope of work include Solar Energy, L.E.D. and Energy Management & Home Automation.

RE Energen came into shape after two nature lover decided to work for a sustainable business which does not hinder the Nature or Mother Earth. We are now in growing phase and step by step expanding our wings

RE Energen is motivated to work toward sustainable development and green and clean energy generation which in turns reduces the carbon foot print. RE Energen was established on August 15, in year 2015. RE Energen as a company aspires to be a pioneer company in the field of renewable energy by contributing most in solar energy generation. Along with promotion and use of solar energy RE Energen is committed to provide best in class customer service. Customer satisfaction and client friendly approach are our prime concerns at RE Energen.

RE Energen focus on domestication of solar energy and want to make most of the rural India energy independent. There is lot of potential for

solar energy electricity generation because of good sunlight throughout the year in India.

As we say “A Unit Saved A Unit Earned”

According to our saying RE Energen also helps to save energy by incorporating L.E.D. with solar systems which in turns saves energy and increase overall efficiency. RE Energen motivates people to opt for a green and clean energy.

RE Energen also undertakes Energy Management Projects and extends its services in Home Automation and covers its all aspects.

Why we need to save Energy

Every year we use more energy than we did the year before. India meets close to 65% of its electricity needs from fossil fuels and is expected to Continue doing so in the foreseeable future. This poses questions on cost Of electricity supply in future, environmental impacts and energy Security. So we need to motivate Ourselves into becoming more Efficient with the way we use energy In the home, at Work and in our Everyday lives. Energy Saving is like “A UNIT SAVED, A UNIT EARNED “