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Welcome to Re Energen

A unit saved, A unit earned

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Lets Go Green

Pioneers in Solar Solution and L.E.D Lights


Welcome to Re Energen


RE Energen is a new company in the renewable energy sector inspired from MOTHER EARTH. RE Energen`s scope of work include Solar Energy, L.E.D. and Energy Management & Home Automation.

RE Energen came into shape after two nature lover decided to work for a sustainable business which does not hinder the Nature or Mother Earth. We are now in growing phase and step by step expanding our wings.

RE Energen is motivated to work toward sustainable development and green and clean energy generation which in turns reduces the carbon foot print. RE Energen was established on August 15, in year 2015. RE Energen as a company aspires to be a pioneer company in the field of renewable energy by contributing most in solar energy generation. Along with promotion and use of solar energy RE Energen is committed to provide best in class customer service. Customer satisfaction and client friendly approach are our prime concerns at RE ENergen.

RE Energen focus on domestication of solar energy and want to make most of the rural India energy independent. There is lot of potential for solar energy electricity generation because of good sunlight throughout the year in India.

As we say “A Unit Saved A Unit Earned

According to our saying RE Energen also helps to save energy by incorporating L.E.D. Lights which in turns saves energy and increase overall efficiency. RE Energen motivates people to opt for a green and clean energy.

RE Energen also undertakes Energy Management Projects and extends its services in Home Automation and covers its all aspects.


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LED Bulb

LED light bulbs combine a beautiful warm white light with an exceptionally long lifetime.

Solar Rooftops

RE Energen a place to give your best solution for solar rooftops.

Solar Street Lights

We have strength to manufacture all type of street Light in a various shape & design.

Home Automation

Easy control of your home with RE Energen solution just only on a single click.